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Consulting Services
Risk Assessment    Health Assessment    Conservation plans    Construction Oversight    Teaching    Scientific Field Support

NYC Brooklyn Tree Risk Assessment


Big trees can be scary, but size and defects aren't necessarily indicators of high risk. Often risks are lower than one might think and can often be mitigated with simple interventions, allowing beloved trees to be preserved. On the other hand, certain types of defects might be cause for action.

I maintain the ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification to deliver assessments that meet industry standards.

NYC Brooklyn tree health assessment

Sometimes things just don't look right! A health assessment can help you determine if a specimen is worth saving and what steps might be taken to improve its condition.

NYC Brooklyn tree preservation construction

Damage to plants can happen in a matter of seconds, leaving impacts that devastate in the long-term. Even minor looking impacts can lead to mortality or increased liability. Such damage and the resulting costs are often easily avoided with proper planning.

NYC Brooklyn tree preservation construction


Construction/installation practices can diverge wildly from those specified in contracts, often leading to significant impact on specimens earmarked for preservation.


The best laid plans are nothing without proper oversight and execution.

NYC Brooklyn Arboriculture teaching

Teaching is one of my favorite ways to share love of trees and help trees be better cared for. I regularly teach Horticulture staff at various institutions including Brooklyn Bridge Park and The Trust for Governor's Island. Other clients include Greenthumb's Pruning Brigade, staff at other tree companies and community events. I have also presented at New York State Arborists and about tree preservation planning for Architects.

Tree Climber for hire science research

Between 2007 and 2010, and in 2018 I helped design protocols and support research projects on the ground and in the canopy in French Guiana and the Ivory Coast. These included studies in microclimate, forest ecology, botany, entomology, bats, herpetology and primatology.

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